How to repair exchange 2003 database

Yesterday, i had a problem with email server(exchange 2003). The problem are corrupt database. I’m trying to googling a solution to repair the database, and I found one link that make repairing the database so simple. So, here are the steps I follow at their simplest/most technical along with a few useful resource links.

Recovery Steps

  1. ESEUTIL /MH to check for dirty shutdown
    1. ”c:program files/exchsrvr/bin/eseutil.exe” /mh priv1.edb
    2. If the state is ‘Dirty Shutdown’, you’ll need to move on to repair efforts. If this is a recovery effort to a new server or your logs are bogus, make sure your MDBData folders, etc. only have the necessary EDB/STM files and no logfiles (move ‘em elsewhere)
  2. ESEUTIL /P to repair (this takes a while)
    ”c:program files/exchsrvr/bin/eseutil.exe” /P priv1.edb
  3. ESEUTIL /D to defrag (this takes even longer)
    ”c:program files/exchsrvr/bin/eseutil.exe” /D priv1.edb
    eseutil /mh

    eseutil /mh

Repeat steps above for all of the databases you have (including your PUB as well).

  1. Start Exchange Information Store
  2. ISINTEG -s SERVERNAME -FIX -test allfoldertests (run until no errors or fixes, then replace -pri with -pub)
  3. Perform another ESEUTIL /MH to check for clean shutdown


Reference Link :


  1. Jon · May 31, 2013

    Thank you so much for this, really useful and clear. Helped me fix my info store 😀

    • Jon · May 31, 2013

      One thing to note is that you need the Info Store running to be able to run ISINTEG but you need to go into Exchange and dismount each database manually to get them to become offline 😉

      • akbaraji · June 3, 2013

        Thank you Jon for your note.. 🙂
        Hope it’s will help other people who have the same problem 🙂

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