XenServer XAPI Service Does Not Start

I just do copy paste  and do a little update from the source, because this article helping me a lot when my xen server had this problem.



The XenServer XAPI service does not start.


One reason the XAPI service does not start is because your root “/” directory is out of space.

A common scenario is that the XenServer is experiencing a lot of issues that are being logged in the /var/log log files.

In this example, the kern.log file had used up all the free space on the XenServer; the size grew to more than 1.5 gigabytes.

Note: Identify from the large file and entries what is being logged and investigate if it is an issue that needed addressing.


Use the steps below to identify the root “/” drive that is out of space.

  • Log on to your XenServer using the local terminal and run the following command: 

  • Notice that the root “/” file system is 62 percent used and 1502116 (1.5 gigabytes) available; it should never read 100 percent used.

  • Run the following command to change to the /var/log directory: 
    cd /var/log

    You will see the log files if you run the ls command.

  • Run the following command to see the size of all the files in the current directory; narrow down your search by specifying one file, if needed:
    du –ksh *.*  
  • Or use this command ls -tahlS | more for simplify the file search
  • If you see an excessively large file, you can delete the file using the following command 
    rm <filename>.log

Note: All log files will be recreated if you remove the file and restart XenServer. If you choose to save the contents of a file, it is recommended to copy the file to a USB or network share prior to deleting the file.

  • Restart the XenServer to recreate the log file and it restarts XAPI automatically.

More Information

You can use the [du –ksh *.*] and [ls -tahlS | more] command starting from the root “/” directory to identify if there is a file that is consuming a lot of space on your XenServer.


CTX128316 – XenServer XAPI Service Does Not Start – Citrix Knowledge Center.

One comment

  1. Aji · March 11, 2014

    add ls -tahl|more sort=size to make list sort by log size

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