Hiring IT Administrator vs. Outsourcing IT Department

My first job when i graduated from my college are being an IT Outsourced.
I work for the IT Oursourcing almost 4 years..If you’re an IT outsourced, and doesn’t know the reason why the company outsourced you as an IT support.

After you read link below, you will know the reason and the advantages and disadvantages of outsourced IT support.

Hiring IT Administrator vs. Outsourcing IT Department.

No matter what your Job (being an outsourced or not) just keep up the good work 🙂



  1. Vidi Utomo Pambudi · March 5, 2013

    In my opinion, Outsourcing in our country, is like a leech, its sucking your blood until your dead, haha its so hiperbolic. Outsourcing leave a hole, the company can hire us with minimum payment and low responbility, you can fired anytime. But time after time, we had a better a protection from goverment, the company must decided our status after, 2 years contract, take it or leave, but still our lovely nation, had many ways, so company, fired them after 2 years contract, then they make a new resume, to get a 2 years contract again. Just my opinion, heheh



    • akbaraji · March 5, 2013

      yes I fell the same..but if there is a company that cares about its employees, your point of view will be different 😛
      Just keep up the good work and you will enjoyed its outcomes later 🙂

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