WSUS – KB972493 reports needed unnecessarily

WSUS Server may report that some clients (Windows Server 2008R2) need the update “Windows Server Manager – Windows Server Update Services (WSUS Dynamic Installer (KB972493).” The clients not detect that, they need this update but the WSUS server label the client as needing the update regardless.

And this is the option for solved that :

1) Decline the update in WSUS for all groups. But you must make sure this update already installed on your WSUS Servers. This will make all server clean without notification that show the server needed that update.

2) Setup a separate group in WSUS for just your WSUS servers. Approve the update for the WSUS Servers group and not the other servers.

If seeing “Install (1/5)” in WSUS irritates you and makes using WSUS more difficult like it does me, pick option #1 like I have. You’ll know when WSUS SP3 comes out because WSUS will present it as a new update for you to Approve, Decline, etc. When you see this, go update your WSUS servers.

(Option 3 is to install the WSUS role on all your 2008 servers – not sensible and not recommended.)

Reference link


  1. 김하림 · September 13

    good to know this.

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