Setup Alert in IMM (Integrated Management Module) for IBM server x3650 M3

To setup IMM in IBM server, you must connect laptop and server using straight or cross cable. After laptop and server connected via cable, you must configure laptop with IP address and with subnet mask

After that, ping ip address using laptop. if that IP address can be reach please do the following step :

Step 1

Open from Internet explorer.

Input Default Username and Password

Username    : USERID

Password    : PASSW0RD

And then click Login

Click Continue

Step 2

Set Static IP Address

Step 3

Restart IMM

After setup ip address for IMM, we must setup alert in IMM to simplify monitoring IBM server.

To setup alert you must do the following :

  • Open The IMM
  • Setup the Network Protocols

  • Setup Alert

 And then restart IMM.