How to find what file or folder that consume your hardisk space?

well this is some question from member of IT Team, he’s have some problem with the hardisk space that suddenly near to zero. And then i found some software and yes we can use it to searching what file or folder consumed our hardisk. I used treesize software and you can download it on this link



Solution: Unable to Install Windows 10 ‘0x800704DD-0x90016’ Error

When i’m planing to doing offline upgrade, I found some problem with Media Creation tool for windows 10. It’s always show error 0x800704DD-0x90016 when I running the 10 setup error

And If you’re getting error 0x800704DD-0x90016 while upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8, you need to follow this simple solution.

  • Make sure you’re logon into administrator account. And then try running the app.
  • In my current condition, even when I’m trying to running the app using account which already registered as administrators account it still has that error. So i Must do switch user and then logon into administrator account.

hope it helps all of you who has a problem with that error.

source : Click Here


how do you find out what program are using your windows specific port?

Hi All,

there are some question in my head, how to find out what program are accessing port 80 or others port in my windows 7 desktop?

and then i found it using 2 step :

  1. using command prompt type netstat -aon | findstr port_you_want_to_search in this example netstat -aon | findstr 80
  2. and find the PID who used the port 80
  3. after the list show up and you get the PID, type command tasklist | findstr PID in this example tasklist | findstr 14416
  4. And you will found the program who used that port.

netstatI hope it’s help all people who read this.

thanks 🙂


Windows 2012R2 Server does not connect to WSUS server 2008r2 (Error 800B001)

Hi All,

if you have problem like me

which is WSUS server on OS windows server 2008r2 and have client with OS windows

server 2012R2 that doesn’t connect to the WSUS with error code 800B001

You need to install below KB , and then restart the server

After server going up and then test the update on client.

Hope it will solved your problem just like me 🙂

I found this workaround on this site :



PaBx – Avaya troubleshoot busy group-page

If you’re found a busy tone when using the group-page feature in avaya pabx,

You may try this workaround

  1. Use this command change group-page 1
  2. Delete one by one the extension number member of group-page 1
  3. If you found an extension cannot be deleted from the group with error message “object in use”
  4. You must busy that extension using this command busyout station ext.number
  5. And then release the extension using this command release station ext.number
  6. After release it you can add again the previous member in the group-page
  7. And then test the group-page.