how do you find out what program are using your windows specific port?

Hi All,

there are some question in my head, how to find out what program are accessing port 80 or others port in my windows 7 desktop?

and then i found it using 2 step :

  1. using command prompt type netstat -aon | findstr port_you_want_to_search in this example netstat -aon | findstr 80
  2. and find the PID who used the port 80
  3. after the list show up and you get the PID, type command tasklist | findstr PID in this example tasklist | findstr 14416
  4. And you will found the program who used that port.

netstatI hope it’s help all people who read this.

thanks 🙂


Windows 2012R2 Server does not connect to WSUS server 2008r2 (Error 800B001)

Hi All,

if you have problem like me

which is WSUS server on OS windows server 2008r2 and have client with OS windows

server 2012R2 that doesn’t connect to the WSUS with error code 800B001

You need to install below KB , and then restart the server

After server going up and then test the update on client.

Hope it will solved your problem just like me 🙂

I found this workaround on this site :



PaBx – Avaya troubleshoot busy group-page

If you’re found a busy tone when using the group-page feature in avaya pabx,

You may try this workaround

  1. Use this command change group-page 1
  2. Delete one by one the extension number member of group-page 1
  3. If you found an extension cannot be deleted from the group with error message “object in use”
  4. You must busy that extension using this command busyout station ext.number
  5. And then release the extension using this command release station ext.number
  6. After release it you can add again the previous member in the group-page
  7. And then test the group-page.

Outlook 2010 Error – Calendar Sharing is not available with the following entries because of permission settings on your network

one of my user complaining about sharing the calendar to other user.

When he’s try to send the calendar it will show below dialogue


after little bit googling i found that it will happens when you typed the recipients email address in or used the address from your cached addresses. And that make the calendar sharing will not working.

you have likely typed the recipients email address in or used the address from your cached addresses.

To delete the recipient email from cache you can do it like below picture.



Simple right 😀


source :



Microsoft Lync 2010 cannot start. The product license may be expired

Hi everyone,

if you have problem with lync “Microsoft Lync 2010 cannot start. The product license may be expired…” like below pic


What you must do is

  1. remove microsoft lync 2010
  2. And then install microsoft Communicator 2007 R2
  3. After that install microsoft lync 2010 client


user account always locked out when the computer power on

this strange behavior make our team almost give up and reinstalling the windows, but at least we found the solution in this article :


Here is what we do to solved that:

  1. Download PsExec.exe from and copy it to C:\Windows\System32 .
  2. From a command prompt run:    psexec -i -s -d cmd.exe
  3. From the new DOS window run:  rundll32 keymgr.dll,KRShowKeyMgr
  4. Remove any items that appear in the list of Stored User Names and Passwords.
  5. Restart the computer.