Solved – Office 2016 Professional Plus Error 1935 during installation

Hello Everyone, good morning.

Our organization are going to start migrating the Microsoft office into office365 in the middle of pandemic Covid-19. We are using the Office2016 as a client of Office365.

and when I try to Install the Office 2016 in the users computer, I found problem with error 1935 like below pictures.

error 1935

to solved above error just do rename or delete the registry below :


After that try to reinstall the office 2016 again, and you’re installation will be successfull.

Thank you for reading this article. And I hope the solution will help you too with the problem.


Solved – Windows Update error code 80092004 with kb4535102

Hello everyone, one of my server are having problem with windows update. This server still using windows server 2008r2. And when I try to install kb4535102 it will always show up error code 80092004.

After try to do some troubleshoot and googling from the error code, I found that I need to install missing kb that makes the error code.

The missing kb for this error are kb4490628, after install the kb4490628 manually and then I can install the kb4535102 without any error.

I hope anybody who read this article will solved the problem with same workaround.

source :

  1. here and
  2. here

Solved – kb3045313 error 643 in windows server 2012R2


i found one of my server (windows server 2012R2) which contain symantec backup exec cannot install one update with kb3045313, it always show error 643.

so many failed status

after some research in the internet, i found that this problem come from .net framework as it describe in this article

after i installed the .net framework 3.5 , and then i reinstall the kb3045313.

And it succeeded as you can see in the picture above.

Solved – Backup Exec 2014 console crashes after installing .NET Framework 4.8

Hello everyone,

is been a long time since my last wrote

Today i will share how to solved backup exec 2014 console crashes after installing the .net framework 4.8

when i try to install the .net framework 4.8 on the Backup exec server (windows server 2012 r2) it’s running without failure message.

And then i try to running the backup exec console after the installation.

It will show like below picture

event name CLR20r3

i try to repair the backup exec console but no luck.

and Uninstall it and try to reinstall it but it still happened.

After that i try to search how to uninstall the .net framework 4.8

i found the article in here, that we need to Uninstall .NET Framework 4.8 and reboot server. This update will be listed as KB4486105 (Windows 2012 R2), KB4486081 (Windows 2012) and KB4486129 (Windows 2016) in the list of installed updates. For Windows 2008 R2, remove .NET 4.8 through Programs and Features in Control Panel.

After reboot, the backup exec console will running as usual.

Solved – Microsoft Office 2016 / skype for bussiness setup failed rolling back changes – Windows 10

Hello everyone

this time i would like to share problem that i found when i want to install skype for bussiness 2016 in laptop lenovo L380 (windows 10).

When i want to install it, i found some weird error like below picture

first error will be like this

and then like this


i found some article that says that i need to delete one registry key on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\AppModel

because the laptop is shipping computers with Office installed through the Microsoft Store.


this article


this article