Solved – kb3045313 error 643 in windows server 2012R2


i found one of my server (windows server 2012R2) which contain symantec backup exec cannot install one update with kb3045313, it always show error 643.

so many failed status

after some research in the internet, i found that this problem come from .net framework as it describe in this article

after i installed the .net framework 3.5 , and then i reinstall the kb3045313.

And it succeeded as you can see in the picture above.

Solved – Backup Exec 2014 console crashes after installing .NET Framework 4.8

Hello everyone,

is been a long time since my last wrote

Today i will share how to solved backup exec 2014 console crashes after installing the .net framework 4.8

when i try to install the .net framework 4.8 on the Backup exec server (windows server 2012 r2) it’s running without failure message.

And then i try to running the backup exec console after the installation.

It will show like below picture

event name CLR20r3

i try to repair the backup exec console but no luck.

and Uninstall it and try to reinstall it but it still happened.

After that i try to search how to uninstall the .net framework 4.8

i found the article in here, that we need to Uninstall .NET Framework 4.8 and reboot server. This update will be listed as KB4486105 (Windows 2012 R2), KB4486081 (Windows 2012) and KB4486129 (Windows 2016) in the list of installed updates. For Windows 2008 R2, remove .NET 4.8 through Programs and Features in Control Panel.

After reboot, the backup exec console will running as usual.

Solved – windows time service not starting automatically on work-group environment

i found the problem that show up the windows time services not running when using workgroup environment.

and for the solution, please use this workaround.

Method 1

Run the following command to delete the trigger event that’s registered as the default setting and to change the Startup Type setting for the Windows Time service from Manual to Automatic:

sc triggerinfo w32time delete

Method 2

Run the following command to define a trigger event that suits your environment. In this example, the command determines whether an IP address is given to a host, and then it starts or stops the service.

sc triggerinfo w32time start/networkon stop/networkoff


Method 3

Change the Startup Type of the Windows Time service from Manual to Automatic (Delayed Start).

Note If the Startup Type of the Windows Time service is set to Automatic (Delayed Start), the Windows Time service may be started by the “Time Synchronization before the Service Control Manager starts the Windows Time service” task. (This depends on the startup timing of the Windows operating system in question.)

In this situation, the service triggers an automatic stop after the success of the Time Synchronization task. Therefore, if you use Method 3, you must disable the “Time Synchronization to avoid the task to start the Windows Time service” task. To do this, follow these steps:
Start the Task Scheduler.
Under Task Scheduler Library / Microsoft / Windows / Time Synchronization, click Synchronize Time.
Right-click, and then click Disabled on the shortcut menu.



Windows 2012R2 Server does not connect to WSUS server 2008r2 (Error 800B001)

Hi All,

if you have problem like me

which is WSUS server on OS windows server 2008r2 and have client with OS windows

server 2012R2 that doesn’t connect to the WSUS with error code 800B001

You need to install below KB , and then restart the server

After server going up and then test the update on client.

Hope it will solved your problem just like me 🙂

I found this workaround on this site :